Babiš: It is a disgusting assault on my children

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Sabina Slonková and Jiří Kubík investigated Babiš’s children’s involvement in the Stork’s Nest case. In a story for online TV channel Seznam, they published footage showing Andrej Babiš Jr. shocking claims. In a reaction to the story, PM Babiš said they used suggestive questions when they assaulted his son at his place in Switzerland and recorded him on a hidden camera.

PM Babiš stated earlier that his two children involved with the Stork’s Nest are suffering from mental illness. As he mentioned his daughter Adriana has a bipolar disorder. However, police investigators doubted their inability to testify due to their state of mind and press charges against both. Some politicians reminded Babiš that he himself dragged his children into the investigation when announced they were owners of the Stork’s Nest.

According to PM Babiš, this campaign is yet another attempt to end his political career and to destabilise the political situation and the government. The story has been used to put pressure on law enforcement agencies regarding the Stork’s Nest and additionally it is of course used by the opposition, because anti-Babiš is their only agenda, he added.

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