Czech MEP Zahradil is the Conservative Spitzenkandidat

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The two candidates announced so far, Manfred Weber and Frans Timmermans, are alike – they want to strengthen the role of Brussels at the expense of member states. Therefore, there should also be an alternative view from a conservative perspective, even more importantly from one of the so-called new member states, he added.

Zahradil plans to start his campaign in Brussels on the 28th of November. However, he already highlighted three priorities of his candidacy. First of all, a revision and simplification of the communitarian law package, which is outdated and burdensome for the business sector. Secondly, in current times of increasing protectionism, the EU can be a global free trade leader and for that it’s necessary to remove trade barriers and interconnect markets, the EU-Japan trade agreement is a great example. And finally, the EU has to restructure its budget to be able to help border countries instead of exaggerating its agencies, if it seriously wants to tackle illegal migration.  

Zahradil became the third official Spitzenkandidat. The largest group in the European Parliament, the EPP nominated a Bavarian, Weber, while Socialists and Democrats selected current Commission Vice-president Timmermans.

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