Baltic Pipe construction in Denmark to be partially resumed

The Polish government is cheering the decision

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has reported that the Baltic Pipe’s land construction in Denmark may resume in selected areas, raising hopes the gas pipeline project is edging closer to the finish line. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz shared the good news concerning the Baltic Pipe’s construction resuming in Denmark on social media.

“Good news from Denmark concerning Baltic Pipe! An agreement has been reached between the Danish partner and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. It allows for the completion of the project by the original deadline. Work on the majority of the pipeline’s sections is being resumed,” he wrote.

Energinet, the company responsible for constructing the Danish section of the Baltic Pipe, announced that it may resume Baltic Pipe’s construction on the landline across the island of Zealand, the eastern part of the island of Funen, and on part of the landline running from Denmark’s Western coast to the Nybro gas terminal. The construction of the gas terminal itself and a new compressing station in Everdrup may also be resumed.

In 2018, Energinet and its Polish partners from GAZ-System agreed that the Baltic Pipe is to become active in October 2022 and be able to transfer 10 billion cubic meters of gas annually. The Baltic Pipe is meant to deliver Norwegian gas to Polish recipients and lower Poland’s dependency on gas supplies from Russia.

On June 4, 2021, the Danish appeals commission for environmental affairs withdrew the environmental permit for Baltic Pipe’s construction on Danish land territory and sent it back to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for review.

Energinet estimated that the total delay in building the pipeline will amount to three months.


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