NATO will respond to recent hacker attacks against Polish politicians

“We are in a state of cyberwar,” warns expert of Center for Eastern Studies in Warsaw

editor: REMIX NEWS

An anonymous source within NATO Headquarters in Brussels told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that Polish experts and NATO are in contact concerning the recent cyberattacks against Poland. The highest NATO institutions, such as the North Atlantic Council, the alliance’s most important decision-making institution, will most likely focus on the matter.

“This fits into the broader range of Russian activity. All the time, a NATO member raises the issue that hacker attacks have taken place against its institutions or politicians,” the source said.

On Friday, RMF Radio stated that the Polish government has informed NATO allies of the alleged Russian cyberattack against Poland.

According to PAP, Poland has given EU member states, the European Commission and the North Atlantic Council a document containing details of the cyberattacks carried out against Polish officials and infrastructure in the last few days. This information has also been given to U.S., Canadian and British ambassadors.

The subject of the recent cyberattacks will also be raised during the Monday meeting between foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Moreover, PAP noted that reports of the cyberattacks in Poland have been recorded by the Computer Emergency Response Team for EU Institutions, Bodies and Agencies (CERT-EU).

Several cyberattacks against Poland took place last week. During that time, the head of the chancellery of the prime minister, Michał Dworczyk, announced on Twitter that state services have been notified due to the break-ins into his and his wife’s email accounts. Dworczyk assured that no classified information was present on his email account at the time of the attack.


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