Bielan: We won’t be buying media companies out to re-polonize them

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The chief of Duda’s campaign staff stressed, in an interview for Polsat News, that the incumbent’s victory in the presidential elections was Duda’s personal success.

He added that Duda’s mandate of 10.5 million votes is the second strongest in Polish history (Lech Wałęsa received 10.6 million in 1990).

Bielan admitted that the president’s environment aimed for 9.5 million votes in the elections and pointed out that the United Right has never received such a high result – it is 2 million more compared to even the massive success in the 2019 parliamentary elections.

He also reiterated that no matter the difference in the final result, Andrzej Duda will be a president with a powerful mandate for the next five years.

Adam Bielan underlined, in the context of Duda’s and PiS’s election promises, that judiciary reform will be continued.