Bratislava among the safest cities in Europe

Bratislava can be considered one of the safest cities in Europe, according to Numbeo.

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Bratislava has been rated one of the safest cities in Europe by Numbeo.

The site rates the cities based on traveller’s reviews focused on crime and safety. The countries of the Visegrad four are all relatively safe, according to the study.

Numbeo evaluated 338 cities worldwide, and 114 European cities took part in the survey.

According to the ratings, the Slovak capital city is ranked in 269th position worldwide with a crime index of 30,81 and a safety index of 69,19 (the lower position is better).

In the same survey, Budapest gained 236th place (36,43 and 63,57), Warsaw finished 267th (31,89 and 68,11), while Prague took 294th place (26,73 and 73,27), which makes the city the safest in the V4 region.

According to Numbeo, the riskiest city in the world is San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with a crime index of 85,50 paired with a 14,82 safety index.

The worst rating in Europe was given to Marseille, France (62,9 and 37,10). While, Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world and Basel, Switzerland leads the European rankings.

Numbeo’s rankings are based on surveys from visitors of the website. Crime Index is an estimation of the overall level of crime in a given city or a country. If a city has a high safety index, it is considered very safe.


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