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Czechia has the highest average income among the Visegrad countries

The average income in euros in the Czech Republic is €1,368, the highest among the Visegrad Four countries. The nation with the highest average wage in Central and Eastern Europe is Germany, specifically with €3978, followed by Austria with €3108. The lowest average wages are €400 in Kosovo and €432 in Ukraine. These calculations are […]
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Kubera: Other V4 countries may join us and relocate to Jerusalem

A relocation of the Czech Embassy in Israel shouldn’t be rushed, it is wiser to wait for other states to join us, to talk them into it, other V4 countries may get on board, the Chief of Senate Jaroslav Kubera told the press after a meeting with the President and speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

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Foreign Minister Petříček: The V4 has something to offer Europe

The Visegrad Group is important and has more to offer than just an anti-immigration group of countries, said Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček at the conference commemorating the hundredth anniversary of Czech diplomacy.

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