Poland has ambitious plans for its Visegrad Four presidency

On July 1, Poland will take over the presidency from Czechia and has planned more than 300 political, economic and cultural events for the first half of its term.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Niezalezna

The Polish V4 presidency will be inaugurated on June 30 at the headquarters of the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU in Brussels. Apart from the V4 ambassadors to the EU, ambassadors from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia will also participate. EU commissioners from the Visegrad Group were also invited.

The Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU Andrzej Sadoś explained that during the Polish presidency, there will be many events that all EU members will have to face together.

Among these, Sadoś listed talks concerning the future EU budget and reconstruction fund, negotiating a deal with the UK on future partnerships, and legislative work concerning the European Green Order.


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