The Czech Republic to host V4 army training

In October, an international land forces training exercise called ‘Czech Lion’ will be held in the Czech Republic. Nearly 800 soldiers from all four Visegrad countries will join the training camp to focus on cooperation, coordination of command and exchange of information.

editor: REMIX NEWS

A mechanized brigade, a tank battalion, and an artillery unit from the Czech army will take part in the training. The Air Forces will be represented by an anti-aircraft rocket regiment and the 22nd Helicopter Air Force base. The exercise is going to take place in Hranice, Přáslavice and the Center of simulation and training technologies in Brno.

“The training aims to test the capabilities of the commanders and international crews to command subordinate units of the combat group, to jointly plan and manage the combat and react flexibly to the current development of the battlefield situation,” said Commander of the Czech Land Forces Josef Kopecký.

On Tuesday, more than twenty members of all four armies attended the first planning conference in Prague. The main planning meeting is scheduled for May. “Every crew has a different command structure, the training is going to focus on the ability to cooperate and to manage the planning, and at the same time we are going to examine how the flow of information works,” said the commander of the 7th Mechanized Brigade, Jiří David. Battle orders and reports will be issued in English.

The states of the Visegrad Group are members of NATO; their armies cooperate closely in training and some international actions, such as in the Baltic Sea.


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