Budapest’s House of Hungarian Music wins best European public building award

The House of Music wins International Property Awards prize.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap/MTI

The House of Hungarian Music, one of the major developments of the Liget Project in Budapest’s City Park, has won the prize for the best European public building at the International Property Awards (IPA) competition.

“The Liget Project is Europe’s most important cultural investment, signifying a world-class development unique even in an international context,” said IPA President Stuart Shield at the London awards ceremony.

The building was designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and is being built by Városliget Kft., the main contractor of Budapest’s Liget Project.

Attial Sághi, deputy CEO of Városliget Kft., said that beyond being a major recognition in its own right, the win also means that the House of Hungarian Music is now among the finalists for the world’s best public building awards.

The Liget Project is Hungary’s most ambitious urban architectural project since 1990. It consists of the complete overhaul of the Liget City Park, including its existing museums, public bath, zoo, and other landmark buildings. A theater and three museums are also under construction.

Last year, the Museum of Ethnography, another key project in Liget City Park, won the prize for the world’s best public building.

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