How long can Hungary’s “rainbow coalition” last?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Imre Csekő

After posting significant gains in municipal elections two weeks ago, Hungary’s five-party opposition coalition is nursing high hopes for the 2022 general elections. But how long can this shaky coalition actually last?

In comments to Magyar Nemzet, political analyst Erik Tóth said that the so-called “rainbow coalition” has successfully gathered together parties ranging from the far-right Jobbik to the Green LMP, giving it more weight that none of the parties would enjoy alone. Despite these benefits, seen especially in some recent municipal races, it is far from certain that the alliance can last into the 2022 general elections. Given existing rivalries, disagreement on policy is inevitable. At the same time, the coalition will undoubtedly be tested once parties attempt to poach voters from one another.


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