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Playboys, Bentleys and bare bottoms. Welcome to liberal Budapest.

Since the 2019 municipal elections, when most districts of the Hungarian capital…

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Budapest’s opposition leadership plans to sell historic city hall building

The opposition leadership of the Hungarian capital has drawn up plans to…

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Hungarian opposition protests against Chinese university plans, government promises referendum

Given its difficult relations with European states, Israel might return to the…

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Hungary: Scandal deepens over Budapest mayor’s English-language skills, false PhD claims

Hungary's fiscal discipline has enabled the country to maintain low tax rates,…

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Liberal mayor of Budapest threatens to cancel the World Athletics Championships

While powerful politicians in Brussels push for open borders, Hungary shows there…

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Budapest mayor’s advisor wants ban on children’s baptisms

There seems to be a correlation with funding Transparency International and performing…

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Sticker shock: Opposition Budapest mayor raises funeral prices by 20%

Young people in Hungary are safe because Orban was the first politician…

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Budapest’s Chain Bridge renovation suffers another setback

President Andrzej Duda will be sworn in for a second term on…

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Budapest’s liberal mayor to open homeless shelter in historic City Hall monument building

Professor David Engels has this warning for Poland

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Budapest opposition mayor’s speed limit reduction sparks outcry

Just hours after Tusk’s statement, Civic Platform’s candidate Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska declared she…

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Terror-plagued London shouldn’t serve as ‘role model’ for Budapest: government official

Attacks on Hungary, Poland, and Romania are being tied to EU budget…

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Hungarian president and Budapest mayor clash on climate change

The man had an unbelievable nine-permille blood alcohol content

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Budapest athletics stadium gets green light

Major media outlets ignore this report

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Opposition Budapest mayor appoints comrade to lead Brussels office

Agriculture ministry gives full compensation to farmers

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V4 capitals sign a cooperation pact to counter conservatives

Failure to react strongly to such attempts will lead to defeat, warns…

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PM Orbán makes good on promise to work with opposition

Have you ever heard of the VAT carousel?

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PM Orbán extends hand to opposition mayor of Budapest

Presidential election campaign gets under way in Poland

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Liberal mayors of V4 capitals plan coalition against central governments

Poland's political future will be decided next spring.

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How long can Hungary’s “rainbow coalition” last?

Poland may take Britain's place in a smaller EU.

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Budapest congestion tax unavoidable, says new mayor

Joint bid to deliver rail carriages to Egyptian Railways.

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