Czech Silicon Valley? This initiative might make it happen

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A new initiative called the Czech Startup Platform aims to radically change the Czech startup environment and help entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles new businesses typically encounter.

Approximately only one in ten startups actually survive past the five-year mark. The new Czech Startup Platform initiative is now fighting against this troublesome statistic.

“The platform’s goal is to reduce the gap between talented people with an idea and a busy startup world that seems impossible to access. We also want to gradually spread the whole ecosystem across regions, including those outside Prague,” said Petr Mandík, one of the founders of the Czech Startup Platform.

Startup entrepreneurs deal with many issues, but one of the key objectives is to find customers who are willing to pay for a good idea.

“Among other things, the platform aims to connect new entrepreneurs with business people and investors who have already gone through the process of building their business. Thus, they can pass on their experience. Such a process is much more valuable to entrepreneurs than just searching for advice on the Internet,” says Michal Kardaš, another founder of the Czech Startup Platform.

The main aim of the initiative is to help new entrepreneurs build the entire startup project from start to finish. It will guide the startups through the process of setting up a company, linking them with mentors, advising them on marketing, and launching the product or service to the relevant market.