Chuck Norris: Leftist elites dominate Hollywood

The Hollywood film industry is a platform of the leftist elite, action movie star Chuck Norris said in Budapest during a charity event held by the Baptist Church.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The effect of Hollywood productions promoting liberal values should be counterbalanced with credible history teachings, Chuck Norris said in Budapest, praising Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Donald Trump does his job very well, he is not your average politician,” Norris said. He added that despite the success of his policies, Trump is the permanent target of attacks by a spreading liberal world view. This is partly due to Hollywood productions being used as platforms by the leftist cultural elite in order to influence the younger generations.

“If we fail to teach history properly to the next generations, we may lose them,” he said.

Norris – who posts his conservative views on social media – has for three decades been a Republican supporter, including donations to the party. During the 2016 election campaign he also warned against the dangers of a second Clinton-administration.

Title image: Chuck Norris and spouse Gena O’Kelley at a charity auction in Budapest. (MTI/Tamás Kovács)



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