Churches attacked in Poland over new abortion ruling is ‘new form of barbarity’, says prominent journalist

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On Thursday, the Polish Constitutional Court decreed that eugenic abortion is incompatible with the Polish constitution. Since the verdict, multiple protests of pro-abortion and left-wing supporters were held throughout the country, and in some cases, churches were attacked, statutes vandalized, and church services interrupted.

The protesters have shown a willingness for violence and have attacked the police with rocks, destroyed a police vehicle and vandalized Ronald Reagan’s statue in Warsaw. Now, feminists have also conducted protests against churches.

On Sunday, in several Polish cities, protests took place both in front and within churches. Serious incidents occurred resulting in church facades being vandalized and church services violently interrupted. In Poznań, groups of protesters entered the city’s cathedral, an incident which was caught on video. 

In some places, like Saint Cross Church in the center of Warsaw, the young men of the Independence March defended places of worship from radical activists attempting to interrupt mass.

The head editor of Polish media outlet DoRzeczy, Paweł Lisicki, emphasized in an interview that while people can have a different opinion than the court’s verdict, the actions of radical leftist organizations are a threat to democracy.

“We are dealing with yet another expansion of barbarity. These attacks against churches are something absolutely unique to Polish tradition and have only been used by occupying forces until now,” Lisicki warned.

He stressed that the radicals are using methods which were used by occupying powers towards Poles while attempting to strip them of their Polishness and traditional values.