Could a Czech become one of Europe’s leading ladies?

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Srnová admitted she is competing for the position that is crucial for promoting Czech interests in the EU. She would be responsible for attending key summits of EU leaders in the name of the Prime Minister, and preparations of the Czech EU presidency in late 2022.

Even though there are more candidates, several high-profile sources say she is a front runner for the State Secretary seat. Another source told Aktuálně.cz that her possible nomination comes as a surprise as she has been almost exclusively focused on European funds, which is simply not enough for a challenging position like European Secretary. 

However, Srnová believes her main asset is that her agenda is one of the Czech Republic’s priorities for the European multiannual financial framework negotiations. Also, her hands-on experience in Brussels should be a strong plus.

What’s more, she is an expert on European funds, previously worked as an advisor to former European Parliament Vice-President Oldřich Vlasák and coordinated European policies at the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic.

The State Secretary is the closest person to the PM in terms of Czech representation in the EU, as such Andrej Babiš’s trust is a main precondition for the job.

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