The Left continues on its own demise

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We should feel no sorrow for the communists and green extremists, but the decay of the Social Democrats is unfortunate as they tend to balance the moderate Right and even prevent a rise of far-left tendencies.

The Social Democrats cannot blame anyone but themselves, because they stopped defending their own voters’ interest years ago and made up a new ideology to protect various minorities instead. They aim for absolute egalitarianism, act like European integration advocates and forget about the working class.

Social Democracy is losing everywhere, maybe the exceptions being Scandinavia and Slovakia, and we will soon witness political divide in conservative and liberal camps. It’s happening in conservative Bavarian, the Labour party in the UK has been turned upside down, in France too and the list goes on.

So, what does a polarized society indicate?The euro and debt crisis together with an ideology of absurd identities has hit European society hard. The post-war system has been exhausted and many issues are dividing the citizens – from an unequal and corrupt environment, global supra-nationalism, and immigration to the EU.

The upcoming economic crisis could clean the air, hopefully in a good way.

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