Covid-19 cases surge in Poland’s Silesia, 12 mines to be closed

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Following a surge of coronavirus cases, the Polish government will shut down 12 mines on Tuesday in the Silesia region.

The vast majority of miners will be paid their full salaries during the suspension of their work, but the surge in cases shows that coronavirus still remains a threat.

Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin and Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski held a meeting with other government and Silesian officials to discuss the plan to combat the virus.

It was decided that mines in operation that have coronavirus infections but where miners have not been fully tested, will be suspended.

In total, the halt in production will affect 12 mines, according to Sasin.

The deputy prime minister assured that the vast majority of the employed miners who will be suspended from work for at least three weeks due to the infections and will receive full salaries.