Czech Senate supports ban on paramilitary organizations

The proposal aims to put more focus on military reserve

editor: REMIX NEWS
author:, Czech News Agency

The Czech Senate approved the proposal banning the establishment and organization of paramilitary groups that could serve political or ideological goals.
The parliamentary proposal also introduces voluntary gun training courses. Participants would then become part of the military reserve, ensuring the security and defense of the state.
Senators welcomed the idea of gun owners being trained under the supervision of the state and that they could help the country’s professional army in the case of a threat to national security.
According to the proposal, the ban on paramilitary armed groups will also include the armament of such groups and membership in them. Violation of the law will result in a fine of up to 200,000 korunas (€7,650) and the prohibition of using a weapon for up to seven years.
The bill also allows members of the armed security forces and police to carry a service weapon, even when not on duty. Plus, they will be allowed to use any privately owned weapon as well.
Title image: Military reserve raining (Armáda ČR / Facebook)


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