Czech youth least at risk of poverty in the EU

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According to Eurostat data, in 2017 the proportion of young people aged 18-24 in work and at risk of poverty in the Czech Republic was estimated at a very low 1.5 percent, especially when compared to the EU average of 11 percent.

The EU as a whole had the worst result in 2014 when the estimated average of young people at risk of poverty was 12.9 percent, which has been improving year-on-year since then. According to Eurostat, considered at risk of poverty are those whose income is below the 60 percent threshold of the national poverty rate average after all social transfers have been taken into account. The average household size and average income in the respective country is also taken into account. In the case of the Czech Republic, both are rather low in relation to European conditions.

In the past, the Czech Republic has always been among the top ranked countries together with Slovakia (3.8 percent), Finland (4.2 percent) and Slovenia (5.4 percent). At the other end of the ranking ranks Romania (28.2 percent), Spain (19 percent) and surprisingly Luxembourg (20 percent) and Denmark (19.1 percent).

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