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Almost a quarter of a million Czechs cannot pay for basic life necessities, survey shows

According to the analysis of the Neviditelní (Invisibles) project, over a million Czechs are part of low-income households. Previously, they often lived paycheck to paycheck, and their situation has worsened significantly due to rising inflation. However, in many cases, social benefits would help. Research for the Neviditelní project showed that approximately 1,153,000 people in the […]
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Czech Republic economy Poverty Commentary
4 YEARS AGOCzech Republic economy Poverty Commentary

The Czechs are not as poor as the left say they are

In terms of income poverty, 9.1 percent of Czechs were at risk of poverty in 2017, Eurostat and the Czech Statistical Office data shows. It is the lowest among the EU28, while the Union’s average was at 16.9 percent. However, the left is undermining our good results, often using deprivation and poorness of the Czechs as an explanation as to why they vote for extreme political groups.

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