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Poland, Czechia and Slovenia have lowest risk of poverty in the EU

Poland, Czechia and Slovenia had the lowest proportion of people at risk…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Almost a quarter of a million Czechs cannot pay for basic life necessities, survey shows

According to the analysis of the Neviditelní (Invisibles) project, over a million…


Romanians and Bulgarians are worst hit by poverty, but Czechs are doing well

In the European Union, more than a fifth of the population was…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Up to 200,000 Czechs may fall into poverty due to the epidemic

"It can be argued constructing an academic voice means adopting a homogenous Northern…

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Whites need not apply: Only people of color eligible for $500 a month benefits program in Oakland

Seven out of 10 Czechs expected to send data electronically

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Risk of poverty in Czechia at record low

The complete ban on flights to and from China will be effective…

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Czech youth least at risk of poverty in the EU

“The best Brexit scenario would be the one in which Britons would…

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The Czechs are not as poor as the left say they are

It was the worst defeat for any British government in history. Prime…

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Record improvement of children’s lives in Poland

The full cast of Netflix’s “The Witcher” has been unveiled by Netflix…

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