Czechs are the most opposed to migrants in the entire EU: poll

By John Cody
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Czechs are the most opposed to migration of all European Union citizens, according to the Standard Eurobarometer 91 report on the views of Europeans on the EU’s priorities, with the report also showing that the Czech Republic is just one of many countries that view non-EU migration in.a negative light,

In the EU overall, 48 percent of respondents across the continent said they view non-EU migration in a negative light while 44 percent viewed it in a positive light. However, there are stark differences between some countries.

The highest levels of opposition to non-EU migrants were seen in the Czech Republic (86 percent), Estonia (74 percent) and Latvia (74 percent). The support for non-European migrants is the lowest in Czech Republic, with only 14 percent of respondents saying they support this type of migration.

Other countries strongly opposed to non-EU immigration were Hungary at 70 percent, and Greece and Slovakia both at 68 percent.

Other countries with strong majority opposition to non-EU migrants were Italy and Finland at 56 percent, France at 53 percent as well as Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands all at 52 percent.

In some countries, a plurality had negative opinions on non-EU migration, such as Germany, where 48 percent were against non-EU migration while only 44 percent supported it.

In the survey, 19 member states recorded negative views on this topic of non-EU migration out of the 28 total member states.

At the same time, most countries had a much more positive view of migration from other EU countries, but in this category, Czechs still had the most negative opinion about migration, with 52 percent saying they had a negative view EU migrants coming to their country.

As Remix News recently reported, polling shows that Czechs have highly positive opinion of their neighbors, with surveys showing they like Slovaks and Poles the most. On the other hand, Arabs are the most disliked as only seven percent of Czechs expressed their sympathy for them.

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