Three-fifths of Czechs infected with the coronavirus have already recovered

The number of COVID-19 recoveries in Czechia exceeded 5,000

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Libor Novák,, Czech News Agency

The number of COVID-19 patients’ recoveries in Czechia has exceeded 5,000, which is three-fifths of all the infected, confirmed the Czech Health Ministry yesterday. 

Less than 3,000 people currently face the disease, and in total, Czechia has recorded 8,275 coronavirus cases since it confirmed its first patient with COVID-19 on March 1.

Throughout May, the increase of cases is below 100 per day, with the number of people cured of the disease rising rapidly. To date, 290 people died of the coronavirus.

The reason behind the positive development in Czechia is, among other things, the extensive testing taking place. Laboratories perform about 8,000 tests every weekday. For example, the infection was detected in 0.5 percent of those tested yesterday. This is a standard result as, for some time now, the number of confirmed cases often stays below one percent of those tested that day.

In total, almost 327,000 tests have been performed in the Czech Republic so far, including repeated tests on individuals to confirm that they are cured of the virus.

Laboratories have so far detected the highest number of infected people in Prague where 1,891 have been positive for the virus.

The first deaths due to the coronavirus were reported by hospitals on March 22. Most of the victims are in the Czech capital where 93 people have died due to the coronavirus since March.

There are also less than 250 people hospitalized with the coronavirus since Friday.

According to statistics, the majority of victims are seniors.

Due to the favorable epidemiological situation, the government is gradually releasing restrictive measures for free movement and travel, gatherings, business, culture, sports, schooling, and other activities that were imposed in March. Another wave of easing the restrictions, including wearing face masks outdoors, is due to follow on May 25.


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