Distortion of the migrant crisis

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The first misleading interpretation is in the effort to compare the number of incoming migrants to Europe today and in 2015 (the peak of the migration crisis). The second dangerous tendency is to make heroes from the culprits.

The argument that, compared to 2015 the migration issue is solved because only a fraction of migrants flow to Europe, is absurd. The Old Continent has produced an incredibly complex economic, social and security problem for several future generations, more precisely a disaster. The cost of integrating migrants will be enormous and we will only bear the consequences of this social experiment.

The second dangerous tendency is to make rescuers from the culprits of the mass migration crisis. According to some, the European Union or Angela Merkel contributed to the reduction of the number of migrants, while Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had no influence on the drop in incoming migrants. But it is an incredibly false manipulation of latest history.

It was just Viktor Orban’s policy and the arrival of politicians like Sebastian Kurz and Matteo Salvini that put some defenders of boundless migration to Europe aside or to force them to revise their plans. Without politicians such as Prime Minister Orban, Chancellor Kurz and Interior Minister Salvini and others, mass migration to Europe would continue to this day.

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