Donald Tusk’s claims about coronavirus crisis angers Hungary’s ruling party

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Donald Tusk, the Polish president of the European People’s Party, is claiming that the conservative governments of Poland and Hungary have handled the coronavirus pandemic poorly, sparking a wave of protests from leading politicians from the ruling Hungarian coalition.

“Hungary and Poland are breaking tragic records in new cases and deaths. Illiberal democracies in action. They have promised less freedom but more safety and security. And they have kept their promise, but only its first half,” Tusk tweeted on April 15.

In response, Fidesz Vice-President Katalin Novák said Tusk has done nothing to fight the pandemic, only criticizing those who are actually working to stop it.

“You have done nothing to stop this virus, yet politicize deaths and claim to be a Christian democrat. HU vaccination rate is double the EU average. The difference is due to national gov efforts in procuring extra jabs besides the EU. Every life matters, regardless of party colors,” Novák replied on Twitter.


Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said Donald Tusk should instead hold the institutions of the European Union accountable for their poorly implemented vaccine procurement strategy.

“Instead of calling EU institutions to account for bungling vaccine procurement, @donaldtuskEPP leads the party of Kohl, W. Martens into the wilderness, sounding like the leader of the Liberals. If HU had waited for the EU, we wouldn’t be leading EU in % of population vaccinated,” Kovács wrote.

A year ago, when the Hungarian parliament approved extraordinary powers to the government to facilitate the fight against the pandemic, Tusk accused the Hungarian government of “Nazi methods”.

Title image: EPP President Donald Tusk.

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