Drought disaster in Poland leaves wells running out of water, threatens power plants

Poland is facing multiple forms of drought throughout the country

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Niezależna/PAP

Severe drought has been affecting some regions in Poland for over a year and precipitation in those areas has been minimal to non-existent, the spokesman of the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) Grzegorz Walijewski stated to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

He added that although there had been more rain in north and central Poland in February, which improved the situation, it remains “tragic in general”. He also warned that April will most likely be declared extremely dry by the meteorological agency.

The hydrologist explained that there are four kinds of drought: meteorological, soil (agricultural), hydrological (surface waters) and hydrogeological (underground water).

In all four of them, water supply is sparse and a drought can be declared.

Hydrologist professor Paweł Rowiński has noted that Poland faces its worst drought in history if conditions do not soon improve.


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