The EU should not force countries to accept migrants

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PM Andrej Babiš and ČSSD Chairman Jan Hamáček welcomed the words of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas as a positive shift in German foreign policy.

According to Maas, it is not wise to force states to accept refugees. The states that refuse to accept any migrants should help to improve the situation directly in Africa.

During an interview with Bild, the German foreign minister also warned that we should not allow the migration issue to continue to divide the EU.

Maas suggested that V4 countries rejecting the acceptation of migrants, should help another way and take responsibility elsewhere, for example by fighting the causes of migration directly in Africa.

Leading Czech politicians appreciated Maas’s statements. “Our diplomacy has always advocated that the solution should be to help the countries where the migrants come from,“ Hamáček wrote on Twitter.

Maas also suggested a reform of the EU´s foreign policy, which should be discussed right after the European Parliament election in May next year. According to Maas, unanimity should not be required in the foreign policy questions, unlike the issue of migration.

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