Macron is a liberal puppet

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Far from being the conductor of the orchestra, French President Emmanuel Macron is just a puppet of the liberal forces, Magyar Idők columnist Ferenc Mező writes.

Several analysts pointed out the importance of the Orbán-Salvini meeting, but let us look at the issue from different perspectives and maybe come up with an alternative conclusion.

The European Union is facing great changes: it will either remain standing or it will collapse and fall to pieces. Paradoxically, the meeting in question was not raised on a pedestal by its two protagonists but by French President Emmanuel Macron, who called Orbán the adversary. This was a mistake for several reasons. He admitted that at the upcoming EP elections his true ideological opponent is the prime minister of a country significantly smaller than his and also admitted that he is afraid of Orbán. He therefore elevated Orbán to his level, which is very, very good.

About another perspective: reality. Reality is not buildings, wood, cars or clothes. Reality is created by us humans as a collective, as a society. Even primitive societies (a derogatory term I don’t much like) spent a lot of their time talking and ever since civilization has created networks and thereby realities. This is its essence. This is why ideologies and discussions are important. They establish reality.

When he set on his difficult path, Viktor Orbán could not have known that he will find allies outside his home country but he had a vision that gave birth to reality. This reality was the one that scared Macron so obviously that it could be seen on his face. He thought that with the weakening of Angela Merkel he remained alone as the conductor on the European stage. But who is Macron? Whose tune is he playing? The vocal and (as yet) majority liberal elite rallied behind him – what’s more, this elite invented him, put him together from carefully weighed components.

So we shouldn’t see Macron, but the liberal elite behind him that puts the words in his mouth. So when he singles out Orbán as the enemy, it is the liberal elite talking and hurling invectives. But if a body is ill – and Europe is indeed ill – the disease must be called by its name,  a medicine and a treatment identified and applied. This illness is the liberal elite organizing the mass inflow of economic migrants. And the medicine is a Europe of Christian nations that halts illegal migration.

So Macron has miscalculated when he thought that Europe and France are united in a liberal alliance that will bring victory to his ideas. But that is not the case: there is a new, true reality. We can now discard the old one!


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