European Commission targets vital Polish canal project

Environmentalists and the Russian government wants to block the Vistula Spit excavation

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jacek Liziniewicz

The European Commission (EC) is considering appealing to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over Poland’s decision to use “special acts” related to the Vistula Spit excavation, a vital canal project designed to allow access to Vistula Lagoon from the Baltic Sea, which help ships avoid the Russian-controlled Strait of Baltiysk.

Poland has already used special acts for several years to conduct investments, as they help shorten clerical procedures and fast-track projects. These tools had not been controversial in the past, such as when they were used by the previous Civic Platform government during construction projects related to the Euro 2012

Today, however, the special acts are raising concerns of EU authorities, as there is no option for an appeal included in them that would allow a court to suspend investment projects utilizing the acts.


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