Ex-boss of state oil giant detained

Three senior managers from the state oil giant PKN Orlen, including Jacek Krawiec, its CEO between 2008 and 2015, were detained by Poland’s Anti-Corruption Agency (CBA). They are accused of failures over a lack of due diligence in regards to transactions made by the company.

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Pictured above: Former Polish PM Donald Tusk and former Orlen CEO Jacek Krawiec (2013).

The CBA has detained two former department heads and a former CEO of PKN Orlen. They have been taken to the public prosecutor’s office in Łódz where they will be charged. Authorized searches have taken place at the homes of those detained. 

According to the public prosecutors the arrests come after a detailed investigation by the CBA into commercial and tax offences as a result of a lack of due diligence in procurement. 

According to Maciej Wąsik, the deputy to the minister responsible for coordinating security services operations, the three detainees will be charged with corruption.

CBA have detained three people, among them the former CEO of PKN Orlen Jacek K. The public prosecutor will charge them with corruption.

According to Anita Gargas, investigative reporter for state TVP, Krawiec is suspected of causing damage worth 3.3 mln PLN: 

OUR NEWS. Former CEO #OrlenJacek K. is suspected of causing his company damage to its assets worth 3.3 mln PLN when accounting for the Verva Street Racing-Dakar event at the National Stadium by paying all the invoices, even though they were inordinately high and did not take into account income from ticket sales.  


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