Expert: The V4 speaks with one voice on many important issues

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The Visegrad Group summit was held in Warsaw on Friday, on the occasion of Poland taking over its presidency. The V4 PMs were greeted by President Andrzej Duda and PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

President Duda highlighted that the V4 achieved political success concerning mandatory migrant relocation after presenting a united front and being assertive despite massive pressure from other parts of the European Union. He added that the alliance between the four countries can indeed impact EU policies.

Head of the Polish-Hungarian Cooperation Institute, Maciej Szymanowski agreed with the president and explained that the V4’s approach towards migrant relocation is proof of how the alliance can block unfavorable decisions for the region.

Szymanowski added that a similar issue on which the V4 cooperated is the EU budget, as the alliance learned the ability to create minority coalitions from the Benelux countries which protects them from introducing decisions not in line with their interests.

The expert also underlined, that in recent years, V4 cooperation has been working very well and that the group often speaks with one, united voice.