France is rushing into disaster

President Emmanuel Macron was elected in May 2017 and in less than a year and a half has lost voter confidence and political legitimacy. It is also remarkable that he is one of the last European leaders to support the European Union as it is.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Macron, besides other things, promised to liberate the economy; however no significant measures, were taken. The French labor code is still one of the most rigid in the developed world and expertly blocks job creation.

He also promised to restore security. Lack of security, however, has been exploding; the number of violent assaults and rapes has been steadily on the rise. No-go zones are fiercely out of control. The influx of unvetted illegal immigrants into the country has sadly turned entire neighborhoods into slums.

Another area in which Macron has acted relentlessly is the “fight about climate change”, in which his targeted enemy are cars. A recent decision to increase gas taxes was the final straw. It sparked instant anger and the “yellow jackets” protesters now have the support of 84 percent of the French population. They are demanding Macron’s resignation and an immediate change of government. According to them, Macron and the government are hopelessly blind and deaf.

The “populist” wave that Macron wanted to defeat in Europe is now hitting France; it could well mean the end of Macron’s term as president and also the defeat of his party The Republic on the Move! In the European elections in May, 2019. Polls show that Le Pen’s National Rally party will be in the lead, far ahead of his party.


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