Most Czechs against same-sex marriage

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Before the next round of parliamentary debate, the opinions of Czech deputies are different not only within the parliamentary clubs, but also with their voters. Only 15 percent of the Pirates’ voters are for same-sex marriages and 41 percent of them see marriage as a bond between men and women. However, the Pirates promote the equal conditions of marriage for all.

On the contrary, the least persuaded opponents of the proposal are among the voters of the ODS in whose parliamentary club the opponents of the proposal prevail. 33 percent of the ODS electorate take marriage as an exclusive bond of man and woman. On the other hand, 18 percent of them would completely equalize marriages for all.

According to the survey, the persuasion of the correctness of maintaining the current state when only heterosexual couples can enter into marriage, are predominant also among the voters of the other parties – KSCM (65%), SPD (61%), CSSD (51%) and ANO (48%).

The debate on possible marriages of same-sex couples can again be included on the agenda of the House as early as next week. However, the long-awaited debate is unlikely to be held by deputies until Christmas. After the New Year, the deputies, therefore, will have to discuss three laws concerning marriage.

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