German climate activists pour green paint into water fountains to protest gas energy

By Kristýna Čtvrtlíková
2 Min Read

In the name of climate protection, left-wing protesters poured green paint into fountains in several German cities on Wednesday morning.

Members of the Extinction Rebellion group even managed to do this unhindered in the inner courtyard of Hamburg City Hall as they protested against the use of liquid gas during the ongoing energy crisis.

In addition to Hamburg, the extremists have also turned the water in fountains green in Berlin, Bonn, Essen, and Munich. Before that, they smeared the slogan that read: “LNG – unfortunately not green” on the ground. In their view, using liquid gas for energy leads to “environmentally harmful consequences” and also “leads to neo-colonial exploitation and oppression.”

The action is part of the campaign week for climate protection celebrated by politicians and the media in Hamburg. There will be protests for seven days. The activists there want to draw attention to the consequences of the climate crisis and protest against the liquid gas terminals planned by the federal government.

However, the protesters did not offer an alternative for how German industry can remain running without LNG. In fact, the German government remains desperate to replace dwindling Russian gas supplies. Even if the needed gas is found, German industry is expected to pay a real premium for gas supplies in the absence of cheap Russian gas, which will seriously harm German industrial competitiveness.

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