German conservatives support Hungarian migration stance

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Gulyás said that in Western Europe it takes courage to support the Hungarian position and unfortunately there are many cowards both within the European People’s Party (EPP) and among conservative politicians.

“Sometimes people do gather courage and then we can hear some sympathetic opinions,” Gulyás said

While the left-wing press has an overwhelming dominance in the West, constituents have first-hand experience with the drawbacks of immigration and it may well be that siding with Hungary can be good policy.

He said that two thirds of the Sargentini Report, a politically motivated attack against Hungary was dealing with issues in which the European Parliament did not have any jurisdiction whatsoever as they fell within the competence of member states. He said in this sense the sovereignty of the Hungarian parliament has been questioned.

Gulyás said Hungarian constituents made it clear at the last elections that they wanted to remain in charge of the decision over who they want to share their country with and the European Parliament was attempting to overrule this decision.

(Image: Gergely Botár, Prime Minister’s Office)



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