Soros-funded group censors Facebook entries, Fidesz says

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Hollik said Facebook removed a picture from Hungarian conservative portal’s page featuring French President Emmanuel Macron alongside two African men and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with his latest grandchild. The same meme has already been posted or shared several times on Facebook by others.

“It is not for the first nor probably the last time Facebook is openly assuming a political role. It does so by giving moderation and censorship (role) to a company funded by George Soros,” Hollik told journalists on Sunday.

He was referring to German company Corrective Media, which has a contract with Facebook to combat fake news on a non-partisan basis. The image (shown above) has the Hungarian caption “You choose”.

Hollik said with the approach of the European Parliament elections pro-migration forces are stepping up their campaign to sideline conservative views.


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