German owned media influence over Tusk tapes

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In addition to being prime minister twice, Waldermar Pawlak (the former leader of the peasant party – PSL) was also the deputy PM in Donald Tusk’s government. In his conversation with one of the richest Poles, Michał Sołowow, they claimed that German owned media has a strong influence over Tusk’s government. These media outlets include: “Fakt”, “Newsweek” and

For the last few weeks has been releasing tapes with conversations of Mateusz Morawiecki in an attempt to discredit the current prime minister. The tapes revealed by TVP Info were previously unknown to the public. These show and their pre-election trickery in a different light and explain their motivations. All of the tapes were recorded a few years ago.

The prime minister [Tusk] is more concerned about being besmirched in newspapers or on TV than about preparing good regulations and policies

“The Germans have bought “Fakt”, “Newsweek” and Onet through Axel Springer investments. These are examples, where I can say that articles in “Fakt” have more influence over Tusk than the opinion of the Confederation of Polish Employers or the Trilateral Committee. (…) Today the influence of the media, which are controlled by different international concerns, is larger over the Polish government than all of the entrepreneurs combined,” Pawlak says in one of the recordings.

In another, he criticizes the biggest Polish liberal TV news station TVN:

“Just look at statistics – in how many cases had TVN attacked international global concerns, and in how many it attacked Polish entrepreneurs in their main programs. Then you’ll see. It’s not that journalists aren’t brainless and a bedlam. Sir, try to imagine that in Polsat a journalist would try to criticize the investments of Solorz [Polsat’s owner], Polkomtel or some others…”

“The prime minister is more concerned about being besmirched in newspapers or in TV than about preparing good regulations and policies,” Pawlak said. 


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