Revealed: Greta’s father published her Facebook posts

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Last week’s Facebook error, which revealed the identities of people posting on Facebook pages, led to users discovering that Svante Thunberg, father of the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, was writing posts published on her profile.

From Thursday evening until Friday morning, the error in the edit history section allowed people to see who posts and edits texts on Facebook.

In addition to Greta’s father, users saw that Indian activist Adarsh ​​Prathap was also editing Greta Thunberg’s posts.

The information began to spread relatively quickly on social networks and was also picked up by the media.

The girl, who was named Person of the Year by Time magazine, immediately tried to explain the revelation, saying that she used her father’s account to publish some articles on her Facebook profile.

At the same time, Greta said her profile is not a personal one and is rather an official website.

“Since I chose not to be on Facebook myself (I tried, but I decided it wasn’t for me), I use my father’s account to share content as you need an account to manage a Facebook page,” she wrote.

Thunberg added that most of the posts are added by the Indian activist Prathap, who allegedly founded the Facebook page.

“From the beginning, many people thought it was my official profile, so I asked him (Prathapa) if I could edit it with him, and he agreed,” she added in a post published after the information leak.

“Of course, I write all the posts published on this page,” the activist wrote in an attempt to maintain her credibility. She also added that Twitter and Instagram are her key channels for communicating with the public and her supporters.


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