Half of Germans are buried or cremated in a Polish coffin

Germans are pleading for Poles to sell them more coffins as the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Aleksandra Jarecka

Polish coffin manufacturers, who already dominated the German funeral market, are now seeing rising demand due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

The story of how Poland came to dominate the funeral market started as early as the end of the 1980s when Polish manufacturers first attempted to enter the German market.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning, according to Roman Kubinka, who was one of the first players in the industry.

“We loaded the coffins into our car and with two or three addresses in our book, and we drove to Germany. We showed three types of coffins, asking for clients to take a look at them. We were met with mass rejections or demands for lower prices,” he said.

In those days, Kubinka’s company had not possessed a modern machine park and Germans had very specific demands concerning coffins. Today, Kubinka’s coffins have 35 wholesale clients in Germany.

His company now produce 120,000 coffins a year and 95 percent of those are exported to Germany.


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