Head of Polish Post: Postal service capable of conducting postal voting for presidential election

According to the head of the Polish Post, mail delivered during the epidemic is completely safe

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polskie Radio/W Sieci

The Polish postal service is preparing for presidential elections on May 10 and will manage to conduct them safely if the postal service receives voter lists from all municipalities, Tomasz Zdzikot, the head of the Polish Post, said in the interview for the W Sieci Polish weekly.

He added that he is optimistic about the challenge presented by postal voting due to his previous work experience.

“This is about searching for solutions, not trying to push back tasks or exaggerate them even if they are very serious,” Zdzikot said.

He explained that he is focusing on the challenges associated with correspondence voting and believed that it does not exceed the current capabilities of the Polish Post. Zdzikot pointed out that the process would not be much different from what the postal service has done each day during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Postal voting is the safest solution, which best protects the lives and health of Poles.” he stated.

The head of the Polish Post underlined that he is working in accordance with instructions from the prime minister’s office, which will require proper infrastructure, human resources and preparation for the logistics of distributing postal ballots.


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