Hungarian foreign minister tells ‘Brussels and Soros NGOs’ to stop encouraging illegal immigration

Péter Szijjártó warned that the migration pressure along the EU’s external border was intensifying and would become more and more serious due to the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó, pictured right, has criticized NGOs funded by billionaire George Soros, pictured left, for contributing to mass illegal immigration into Hungary and other European nations.

The European Union and pro-mass migration NGOs must stop inciting migrants to violate the sovereignty of nation states overwhelmed by migration pressure, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday in Subotica, where he met with his Serbian counterpart, Nikola Selaković.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Szijjártó warned that migration pressure along Hungary’s external EU borders with Serbia and Ukraine had reached “dangerous” levels, and geopolitical and economic tensions continue to worsen.

“The refugee crisis is intensifying, and we have to face more and more serious migration challenges. Meanwhile, we Hungarians are basically the only ones facing challenges from the south and the east at the same time; we are having to handle double the pressure,” Szijjártó told reporters.

The Hungarian foreign minister said that 820,000 refugees had already passed into the country via its eastern border with Ukraine, and 10,000 new refugees were arriving every day.

“To date, we have stopped more than 110,000 illegal migrants on our southern border,” Szijjártó said, adding that the migrants were becoming increasingly more violent and have been more frequently armed, posing a major security threat to border officials and Hungarian citizens in general.

“It should be made clear that there is no human rights issue here,” the foreign minister said. “I would like to make it clear that these people who attack our police, who behave aggressively here in Serbia, who shoot, these people have no right to enter the territory of Hungary,” he added, reminding people that these migrants are attempting to arrive into Hungary through safe countries, violating borders and committing crimes.

Szijjártó warned that the war in Ukraine and the impact this is having on grain production and food stocks will cause the migration pressure on both Serbs and Hungarians to be greater “than ever before.” He further called on the European Union and “George Soros” NGOs to stop encouraging and organizing migration.

“We ask Brussels and the Soros NGOs not to encourage migrants, not to incite them to commit crimes, and not to incite them to violate the sovereignty of countries such as Serbia or Hungary,” Szijjártó said, adding that those who actively encourage economic migrants to come to Serbia and Hungary are responsible for the violent crimes they commit.

Hungary has vowed to further bolster its border defenses, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán giving his interior minister a mandate last week to establish a new border protection force to man the country’s existing border wall.

“It’s not worth coming to Serbia because they can’t come to Hungary,” Szijjártó said. He then took aim at Brussels’ “political blackmail” for withholding EU funds from Hungary despite the country’s fulfillment of its duty to admit war refugees in the east while stopping illegal immigration in the south.

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