Black Friday fever: Hungarian spends over €23,900 on home appliances

The pre-Christmas sale is gaining popularity in Hungary

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Balázs Gyöngyösi

Like much of the Western world, Hungary has Black Friday fever.

Since the 1990 regime change, formerly communist Hungary has adopted many Western customs and traditions, particularly those from the United States. Besides Valentine’s Day and Halloween, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season known as Black Friday is now a major tradition.

An unnamed Hungarian man has now taken Black Friday to a new level after he bought a small fortune worth of electronics and appliances for his new apartment this Friday.

Extreme Digital, Hungary’s largest online retailer of electronics and home appliances, says that the man spent 8 million forints (€23,900) on kitchen appliances, television sets, computers, and a full home cinema set.

This year, Extreme Digital opened its Black Friday sale at 5:30 a.m., with the opening time creeping earlier each year. The company says the year’s biggest hits in the opening hours were drying machines, game consoles and an assortment of DIY products such as power tools, carbon monoxide detectors, leafblowers, and pressure washers.

In the last hours of the day, large flatscreen televisions, noise-canceling headphones, and smartphones almost caught up with the other products.

Title image: Man carrying a flatscreen TV on Black Friday (MTI/Attila Balázs)


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