Hungary develops mobile app for vaccine certificate

It will also contain the type of vaccine administered

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dénes Albert

Hungarians will shortly be able to download a vaccine certificate application for mobile phones and tablets that is expected to significantly ease travel abroad, daily Magyar Hírlap reports.

According to the newspaper’s information, the application for the security certificate has been completed, which can be downloaded from app stores to smartphones and tablets within days. It will show more information compared to cards sent by mail after you register in the app.

It will show when the user of the application received the vaccines (the dates of the first and second vaccinations will also be visible, which may be important in some countries where entry is subject to full protection, which can be calculated after two doses for most vaccines). After the second vaccination, the data will be updated in the application.

“To our knowledge, the application will also show the type of vaccine received,” Magyar Hírlap wrote.

This is important because the plastic vaccination certificate issued to all Hungarian citizens after the first vaccine has been administered, only contains the date of the first inoculation. Hungary is the only EU member state which, in order to speed up vaccination, has approved the use of the Russian Sputnik V and China’s Sinopharm vaccines, which do not have the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval.

In the absence of that approval, Hungary has concluded a series of bilateral agreements with mostly neighboring countries for the mutual acceptance of vaccine certificates in order to facilitate cross-border travel during the summer holidays. 

Title image: Hungary’s plastic card vaccination certificate. (Magyar Hírlap/Péter Papajcsik)


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