Hungary is 4th safest country in Europe amid coronavirus pandemic: report

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Hungary is the fourth safest country in Europe in terms of coronavirus protective measures, the Hong Kong-based Deep Knowledge Group’s research chart indicates.

Deep Knowledge Group’s ranking system was complied through a dozen different factors, including country safety, country risk, supportive measures from governments, and companies using artificial intelligence in combat the pandemic.

The country safety list also took into account the timeline of restrictive measures that were introduced in the examined countries, how strict these measures are, mortality and recovery rates from coronavirus, how likely a citizen will become infected, travel restrictions, the scope of diagnostics, testing efficiency, and how well hospitals are equipped.

Not surprisingly, the European ranking is led by the traditionally disciplined German-speaking countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The fact that Hungary came fourth just behind them is primarily a reflection of the government’s swift and decisive actions so far.

The global list is led Israel, followed by Germany and South Korea. In the global ranking, which only lists the top 40 performers. Hungary also achieved a respectable 14th position between Canada and Denmark, while the United States, for example, did not make it onto the global top 40.

Data has shown that Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have the lowest rate of coronavirus infections for any EU country per million inhabitants. Hungary, Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia also rank in the top 10 for number of hospital beds per population in Europe, a key indicator in how well countries can cope with the coronavirus outbreak, according to data from NimbleFins.

Some European countries performed extremely poorly in the Deep Knowledge Group’s ranking, such as Italy (32) and Spain (33).

According to the latest official data, Hungary has 1,579 confirmed coronavirus cases, 134 casualties, 199 recoveries and 13,360 people in mandatory home quarantine.

Deep Knowledge Group is an investment capital firm based out of Hong Kong with London-based businessman Dmitry Kaminsky serving as general partner. The firm has interests in blockchain, fintech, and longevity technology. The Russian government is also an investor.

Title image: Police officers check pedestrians in Győr, southwestern Hungary on April 14. Hungary has instated movement restrictions on March 28 that have been extended indefinitely on April 9. (MTI/Tamás Sóki)

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