‘I have given my whole life to God’, says star Polish public TV presenter

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A few days ago, Ida Nowakowska published a video on YouTube in which she spoke about her deep Catholic faith. Nowakowska hosts a regular show on the main TVP channel, as well as the television station’s morning show. The video quickly reached tens of thousands views and was flooded with comments supporting the television star and her beliefs.

Nowakowska admitted that she was an incredibly lucky person because she had the love of God in her heart and reminds herself of that fact every day.

“I had many situations in which there was a seemingly impossible problem without any ‘human’ hope in them. Then, God would show me that it was meant to be, that everything is for something and that He has a plan, and we must simply give our lives to Him,” she declares.

The presenter later revealed that the moment which solidified her faith was the death of her father.

“Some time ago and to be honest, it was following the death of my father, that I entrusted my whole life to God. Since then, even the smallest problems seems like nothing because I know I have God on my side, and He has planned it so I will overcome the problem, learn something and for it to influence my life in a way that He wanted,” she said.


“Each day we forget about our faith which can unite us, and we can truly defeat evil with good. It is a beautiful tool,” she said in the video.

At the end of the video, she wished that people would not simply follow Jesus Christ, but “run with him while holding his hand towards the Kingdom of Heaven which is promised to humanity”.

Many social media users commented under the video, emphasizing Nowakowska’s courage to admit her faith as a public persona. Some of the comments included:

“It is incredible that you are speaking about this, because it is a rarity to admit to Jesus today,” wrote one user.

“Thanks! Keep on going Ida. Be a witness to God wherever he has placed you!” said another

“Dear Ida, thank you for your words, life close to God and faith in God gives strength and hope. When someone has hope, then they have everything. Let Holy Mary keep you in her care. Your father is proud of you and happy in the house of God,” commented another.

“You are an incredible, kind and talented person. Wherever God comes first, everything is figured out!”

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