‘It’s like Chernobyl,’ says Polish doctor fighting coronavirus in Italy

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Polish doctors sent to assist Italian medical workers emphasize the gravity of the situation in Italy as the coronavirus kills thousands, with one of the Polish doctors comparing the pandemic with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster

Paweł Szczuciński, a psychiatrist and pediatrician who is one of the 15 Polish doctors sent to assist the Italian fight against Covid-19, emphasized the dire situation in Italy.

He warned that as much as 50 percent of the Brescia region’s population might be infected and 20 percent of cases are being treated by medical services.

“The situation is extremely hard. We’re in Bergamo and Brescia where 7,000 people have died. There are more casualties here than all the infected cases in all of Poland,” he said, adding that despite Italian healthcare being modern, the country has paid the price for being hit by the epidemic first.

The doctor added that Italy’s national tradition of meeting with each other and being close with other people also compounded the number of cases.