Italian accused of brutal far-left Antifa attacks in Hungary, Ilaria Salis, heads home to Italy after being elected MEP

She was accused of left-wing terrorism in Hungary

(Magyar Nemzet/Árpád Kurucz)
By Dénes Albert
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Italian far-left activist Ilaria Salis, who was held under house arrest in Budapest and later elected as a member of the European Parliament, has returned to her home country but has not been seen by the public. She won immunity due to her election victory earlier this month during the EU elections.

She claimed she was not yet in a condition to speak or give interviews to journalists and withdrew from her first appearance. She was accused in Hungary of participating in brutal Antifa attacks against a number of individuals on the streets of Budapest, with some of the scenes caught on surveillance cameras.

Many of the victims in Budapest, some of whom were mistaken for right-wing extremists but turned out to be people simply headed to work wearing combat boots and dark clothing, were left with life-changing injuries.

Members of the pro-freedom Greens and Left Alliance, the citizens who elected her, and journalists were disappointed to learn that Ilaria Salis had withdrawn from her first appearance.

In February of last year, a group of Antifa extremists targeted nine people in Budapest, seriously injuring six. As Remix News reported at the time, video surveillance captured one of the attacks and showed the vicious assault in detail, including the suspects delivering hammer blows to the head of one of the individuals who was misidentified as a right-wing extremist. He was actually a tobacco store worker on his way to work.

Hungarian authorities accused the 39-year-old Salis of being instrumental in the attacks, and she was facing a potential 11-year prison sentence, as previously reported by Remix News. She was on trial for three counts of attempted assault causing bodily harm in a criminal organization, two counts of being an accomplice, and one count of being an accessory.

Her father, Roberto Salis, told the Italian press on her return home that she felt they had reached the end of a nightmare. His daughter is very tired and worn out.

“She had a difficult and long stay in prison, where she had to endure torture, and now she needs to rest,” he said.

Hungarian police believe she is either a member of the “Hammer Gang” or affiliated with the group, which has been responsible for a range of attacks across Germany and other EU member states. Other members of the ultra-violent group are serving prison sentences in Germany.

The father of the far-left activist also announced that he would no longer be his daughter’s spokesman, as they had tried to ruin her reputation with “fake news.” He said that she had been tainted by malicious publications, but that this was now common practice among people he labeled as “fascists.”

He said he would fight and denounce the Italian right-wing newspapers Il Giornale and Il Libero, which recently reported that his daughter had run up a debt of €90,000 in Milan for unauthorized occupation of a house.

SOURCES:Magyar Nemzet
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