Joanna Kulig on verge of Hollywood breakthrough

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The Polish actress is currently touring the USA were she is promoting “Cold War”, a movie directed by Paweł Pawlikowski. Recently she posed with Brad Pitt at an event. 


Rumors are rife that Ms Kulig may soon be featuring in a major production. In her quest to make it in the “dream factory” she is receiving top recruiter Hyldy Queally. However, according to Polish tabloid “Super Express” may soon be on the books of Joel Lubin, Tom Cruise’s agent. He is reported to be highly impressed with her talent and keen to work with her. 

Joel Lubin is an admirer of actresses from Europe. A few years ago he married Serbian star Marija Karan who is now developing her career in Hollywood.

For the time being Joanna Kulig is preparing for the most important role of her life. She is due to give birth to her first child at the beginning of 2019, and she intends to give birth to her child in the USA. Is she planning to reside there?

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