Babiš: Let me discuss migration with Morocco

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In the second half of the 1980’s, Babiš worked five years in Morocco as a Czechoslovakian business delegate. Babiš believes he would be able to contribute to tackle the migration crisis thanks to his ties in the country.

The Czech PM has already requested an official visit to Morocco and Algeria, while his Tunisian counterpart is planning a visit to Prague. He added that the EU should conclude a similar deal with some African countries as it did with Turkey. The EU-Turkey refugee agreement practically closed the key migrant route from Turkey to Greece.

Morocco is one of the main African starting points for migrants fleeing to Spain, which is now encountering more asylum seekers than Italy or Greece. EU leaders have been dealing with other African countries already, reminded Babiš in reference to Kurz and Tusk who negotiated with Egypt and Merkel’s activity towards Algeria and Nigeria.

Babiš would also like to deepen economic relations between the Czech Republic and Morocco in order to improve the lives of Moroccan people and lower their motivation to emigrate to Europe. Thus, he plans to take Czech businessmen on board for his potential entrepreneurial mission

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