Liberals criticize progressive left

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Mikloš warned that while quite a lot is discussed about the danger of xenophobic populism or isolacionist protectionism, less is known about the so-called progressive liberal left and the culture of political correctness.

Matúš Ritomský reacted to the article. He believes that Mikloš considers Slovak progressive leftist politicians, such as Ivan Štefunko and Zuzana Čaputová, are in a similar danger to far-right leader Marián Kotleba. Mikloš added that he meant rather the western progressive left, which is not present in Slovakia, but the threat is visible. Another politician, Miroslav Beblavý joined the discussion and argued that why in Slovakia a similar discussion couldn’t take place. But still, in the west this debate is ongoing and the criticism is not formulated, only by the conservatives and the alt-right.

The latest issue is about political correctness and social networks. The environment of Facebook and Twitter, the short statuses, likes, shares are ideal for creating moral panic, herd mentality, virtual lynching and posing as morally superior. As if the old villages with total control and distrust in people’s behavior were recreated again. For classical liberals, like Mikloš, freedom of speech is one of the most important values.

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